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I'm a retired State of Florida General Contractor and Vietnam Veteran. I purchased my brand new 2015 Ford transit 350HD with a high roof and extended body at the end of 2015 cloeseouts. I've been working on it for several months and have completed floor insulation, the cabinet doors and appliance placement. I had a plan but when I went into the Habitat for Humanity Store I came across solid wood raised panel cherry doors of various sizes. I bought every door they had and felt good about writing a check to the Habitat! So my design started by placing doors in various positions until I used and placed all of them.

Now that the cabinet doors, yes just doors, no frames, less weight, are in place, I'm ready to follow through with the rest of the project as follows:

Install a 5,200 BTU air conditioner. Wait til you see the photos?
Install a 320 watt Go Power solar system with two 100 amp AGM batteries along with Yamaha 2000is inverter backup generator, when the sun doesn't shine.
Install a Engle refrigerator, toaster oven, coffee maker and microwave.
Install a roof mounted Fantastic fan forward of the solar panels.
Install Thinsulate insulation in the ceiling and sidewalls.
Install a solid cherry plywood bulkhead wall and solid cherry supports behind the driver and passenger compartment with stainless steel hardware.
Install Slick Locks along with the bulkhead will keep out potential problems.
Install wiring in conduit placed in the insulated floor and hook up to main electrical panel.
Install shore power outlet.
Lighting will be a combination of LED's and Goal Zero pendant lights.
Already installed are a loft queen bed and twin bed lounge.
Install a Luminess storage box for the generator.
Install a roof cargo carrier for my Hobie Mirage Inflatable Kayak.
Install special brackets from West Marine on the side of the van for my 12 foot Hobie Eclipse Paddelboard.
Install a GPS and stereo system in the dashboard.
Since this van is being designed for cold weather I'm thinking of installing a propane tank to provide heat and hot water. No water tanks will be installed in the van below the floor. They will freeze up in cold weather. More to follow in this area?
I purchased a Big Kahuna 8 gallon portable shower to be used to wash down my boards and also take a personal shower outside. Working on plans to duplicate Roadtrek shower configuration inside the van.
A porta potti will be used and after my trip to the Yukon I will be putting in a permanent toilet along with the black, gray and water tanks below.
My water system is a 5 gallon jug with a 5 gallon jug for gray water. I did this because I don't want to sanitize my water tanks and be concerned about bacteria etc. 5 gallon jugs of water can be purchased anywhere!. A Valtera self pumping faucet will be used temporaily. I have a round sink in a wood kitchen counter that was purchased at the Habitat.

I have a year to complete this project and as a retired general contractor I have found this to be a challenge but you can only do one step at a time. I have tons of photos and if anybody wants additional information on my project just text me!

Prior to my trip to the Yukon I'm going around the State of Florida checking out the waterways on my Hobie Eclipse. Looking forward to my fellow Ford Transit owner comments and suggestions. I need all the help I can get!

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I think many would love to see your pictures including myself. Upload to photobucket (free) and provide a link. Then we could all see.
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