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You thoughts on a Coleman 12 volt cooler

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Yesterday I bought a Coleman 12 volt 40 quart cooler on Facebook for 25 bucks. Figured for 25 bucks it's worth a try. I tested it in my garage with a indoor temp of 57F. The cooler got down to 36F inside. I was worried about power draw so I tested it with fuses. A 3 amp didn't blow but a 2 amp did. One of the fans makes noise so I bought a new fan on Amazon for 9 bucks I'll install. It's dirty so today it's going to get a good pressure wash and maybe a paint job on the black parts.

Has anyone used one before? What can I expect?
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I've had smaller thermoelectric coolers in the past, and they were fine for keeping things cool, but not cold.
Personally, I don't find them "worth it", but at $25 and if you can also put ice in it, that's not a bad deal.
My top load 12v compressor fridge was somewhere around $125-150 at the time, and has been great. I should check it's draw.
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