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You guys are not going to believe this!!!

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I can not believe this My dealer just received 2 transits that were built 16 & 17 days after my transit(12/18/14 & 12/19/14 vs. 12/2/14) and mine sits, paid for, at the rail yard waiting for a railcar to be shipped. I don't care what I have to do this is needs to be explained to me. Pete and crewvanman add this to your list of WTF!!!! The other part of it is one of them is a diesel that THEY DID NOT EVEN ORDER!!!!!!! Ford just sent it to them per the commercial sales manager. If anyone has any info on how to contact anyone who can help me with this please do. The ford regional customer care rep will not even return my calls when he was supposed to call me Tuesday with an update on my van. I am going to call every number I can find for ford today until I get some one who is willing to help me with this. I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!
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Is yours a high roof and the ones the dealer received medium or low?
You might consider contacting Michael Martinez:

Ford's Transit Van continues E-Series' success

Good luck!

Edit -- although the Detroit press as auto cheerleaders may be disinclined to pull open the Emperor's bureau drawers . . .
I just did.
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I just did.
And I did tell him that I am NOT the Detroit News editorial writer Allan Adler listed here:

Contact The Detroit News | The Detroit News

and also not the General Motors Spokesman Alan Adler
quoted here:

GM slams the brakes on Corvette sales - Fortune

I AM however the Alan Adler featured in the Wall Street Journal, but I didn't bother to share that:

Barefoot Jocks Keep Gym Members on Their Toes - WSJ
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How about writing the author of your article to see if the WSJ has a business/auto writer who would be interested in BW5's plight, perhaps Dan Neil? [interesting article]

Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Big Vans, Big Ideas - WSJ

Note the surfing in Costa Rica aspect!

She's no longer with the WSJ, but maybe I'll ask her who I should contact at that publication. Thanks for the suggestion.
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