Hi and thanks in advance for looking!
My 2017 new to me Transit 350HD did not have a Spare Tire or the cable lifting system; Mine is the Dually model. I did not get any tools or the Jack with it, either. I would also like to purchase WeatherTechs for the front only! I did not get the owners manual, so I cannot use the keyless entry pad on the drivers door at this time. I would like to also purchase a floor mat and the rear threshold! I am going to need tires soon and am looking for input relating to the best option for all season driving including snowy conditions; here in Michigan we have our fair share of the white stuff! I am new to this site and to the Transit Community! I have a lot to learn and I am happy to learn from your experiences! I will be using this vehicle for work and driving it nearly daily. So Far I'm impressed! Thank you! Albo