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Wondering about towing...

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One thing I'm wondering about with the Transit (most specifically, the long body, high roof, DRW, EB version) is how well it will tow.

I'm not looking to do extreme duty work, but if I do get one built out as a class "B" motorhome, I'm looking to haul along a small enclosed cargo trailer (total weight of the trailer would be 3000 pounds, 5000 pounds maximum), which when parked at a renaissance faire, will help with stashing items that I need on site, so I don't have to carry them back and forth every weekend.

I'm wondering if I might have to look into a third party transmission cooler, similar to what is needed on Sprinters, or if Ford already has that in place (similar to the cooler on F-150s.)
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I don't know about a thermometer, but I do know that transmission coolers are put on with Sprinters, not for more towing capacity, but to handle steep grades both up and down, without overheating the transmission.

I'm thinking of the same thing for the Transit. Load capacity numbers won't change, but it helps extend transmission life when heading to a trip to Colorado with a trailer in tow.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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