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Hey Good Afternoon!

I just got our Roof Mounted Dometic Penguin II AC Unit with heat pump in the box.. Also have the roof supports & insulation from the folks at DIY van. We also have the new quiet fuel injected Cummins undermount 2800i generator on order (8 weeks out)..

I apologize if this has been asked but I have spent hours on here with no real comparison to what I am doing: We will either run off the generator or shore power.

What are you guys using for your components? Want to compare before I do anything!

Auto Transfer Switch?
Shore Power Plug?
Fuse Box?
Anything else you used?

Thanks in advance!

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I just installed the Dometic Brisk 2 and I run it off my Battle Born batteries and shore power. I also installed a easy start. Works great!

I would recommend putting it on a blanket on the roof then move it into place and remove the blanket. It slides around nice on the blanket, they recommend not moving it around because of the rubber gasket.

Easy Start was easy to instill.

I lined the inside support frame and then attached the bottom plate.


I had to add a 20amp fuse.

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Power strips and super switches are pretty cool.
Super switches let you turn your outlets on and off from remote control.
Here's a link to my van build , scroll down to the 110 volt section


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My Transit has a Dometic 13.5K BTU low profile air conditioner installed, along with an Onan 2.8 KW generator and 30 amp shore power. It all works well together. You did the right thing purchasing Hein's roof adapters for the air conditioner. They fit the Transit perfectly, and are very high quality.

The 30 amp shore power connector is a marine/RV product made by Smart Plug. It is far better quality than the 30 amp twist lock plug and socket that dates back to the 1930's. The Smart Plug corrects many of the deficiencies in the older design twist lock that can result in overheating and fires. It has a much larger surface contact area, and a better locking system than a twist lock plug.

The transfer switch and RV electrical panel are both made by Progressive Dynamics. I also have a Progressive Industries surge protector installed adjacent to the transfer switch. The electrical panel has 120 volt circuits breakers, and 12 volt fuses. It also has a four stage battery charger/converter built in. The only thing I would change is the surge protector. It actually does much more, checking for reversed line and neutral, open ground, over/under voltage, etc. It is a fine product, but I wish I had purchased the version with the remote LED display since it is installed under the bed.

Smart Plug
Progressive Dynamics
Progressive Industries

30 amp Smart Plug installed under the Transit rear bumper:


Transfer switch and surge protector:


Electrical panel and power converter:

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