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Window Condensation

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I'm preparing to work on the walls of the van, and I have to prevent, that condensation from my 'All-Around Windows' has the opportunity to get into my insulation.

I noticed that at some points, water can seep into the walls underneath where there are no weeping holes.

General question: How is your experience with condensation on the windows?

Specific question: What have you done to keep that wall space underneath the windows dry?

I thought of gluing insulation board against the skin of the vehicle, but now wonder if I shouldn't use an airspace first.

Van Williams
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Would it not be easier or better to control the flow of the condensate rather than let it settle into a likely inaccessible area? You probably don't want to permanently glue or stick anything directly on the base of the glass, as that may interfere with replacing it, if the need were to arise. Perhaps when 'framing' out the window region, some closed cell foam weatherstrip or rubber channel moulding could be used at the interface between the frame and base of the window. Control the direction of dripping water from that point.

edit: I think this might be along the same vein as GROOVY2 mentioned with the color match caulking/plastic trim. Our cargo vans don't have factory trim, but basically the same idea.
Roger that. I was imagining a rubber strip attached to the sill plate that would sit against the glass directly, rather than the metal window frame/van body. I haven't decided what I'm doing on mine yet either, I have full wrap windows like you do, so I'll be putting some thought in on this and checking out everyone's solutions for sure.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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