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Wind noise issues?

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I have noticed, with only 50 miles so far, that I have a lot of wind noise around my sliding door, as in way more than I noticed on any of my tests drives. The only differences in vans was they had rubber floors, I don't yet. And I have the window in the sliding door, demos did not. I figured the rubber floor will help overall noise, but not from wind.

On the back edge of the fixed window is a rubber trim piece, but it does not ever touch the side of the van, it appears to be for looks only as it seals against nothing. I suspect this is part of the problem. I could easily test this by inserting some foam to seal it.

I know that Indy has mentioned he has wind noise around the windshield. I have not had mine above about 55 mph yet to hear anything there. And his is a wagon so is probably sealed better around the sliding door, at least masked by all the inside trim panels.

Anyone else notice this? I am going to the dealer tomorrow and will ask them about this.

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Took my 2015 250 cargo to dealer for noise from slider and passenger window. They adjusted the slider and its better but still makes a consistent rattle. There was no TSB on the drivers door. Not sure they took my seriously about the noises. Maybe need to go to another dealer.
The rattle is making me nuts. I'm planning a 2000 mile drive soon and if it's not fixed before I leave I just might lose what's left of my mind.
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