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Wind noise issues?

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I have noticed, with only 50 miles so far, that I have a lot of wind noise around my sliding door, as in way more than I noticed on any of my tests drives. The only differences in vans was they had rubber floors, I don't yet. And I have the window in the sliding door, demos did not. I figured the rubber floor will help overall noise, but not from wind.

On the back edge of the fixed window is a rubber trim piece, but it does not ever touch the side of the van, it appears to be for looks only as it seals against nothing. I suspect this is part of the problem. I could easily test this by inserting some foam to seal it.

I know that Indy has mentioned he has wind noise around the windshield. I have not had mine above about 55 mph yet to hear anything there. And his is a wagon so is probably sealed better around the sliding door, at least masked by all the inside trim panels.

Anyone else notice this? I am going to the dealer tomorrow and will ask them about this.

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Make sure the door is fully closed. I know this is obvious, but my van if you don't close it really hard it won't lock into place and the result is a gap at rear seal. Just something I've noticed with my van.
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