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Who Sleeps in a Hammock?

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Going the hammock route in my van. The thread below has some good mounting points, but now it's time to decide on the hammock itself.

Pretty much all the googles lead me to the Warbonnet Blackbird as the most comfortable for sleeping. It's a bit pricier than entry options, but I don't mind paying a premium for a good night's sleep. Small amount in the context of the full build as well...

Before I pull the trigger, wondering if anyone else sleeps in hammocks and has any feedback/tips/tricks etc?


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I've had my Warbonnet Blackbird Traveller XL installed in the van in the early days. The previous poster is spot on pointing out that it is no longer feasible when you start adding fixed cabinetry and such.

This came up recently and I posted some pictures if you care to search for it.
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