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Who has the most miles on their Transit with the 3.7L V6 and would you buy again? ...

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How has it treated you? Is the power and acceleration adequate? I'll be lightly loaded most of the time with occasional heavier payloads, any regrets?

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Took delivery of a Transit 350 12-passenger wagon today and drove 140 miles from dealership to home. Handling and acceleration were more than adequate for my needs (camping with wife and four grandchildren). Handling was far superior to my old Dodge 2500 passenger vans. First 140 miles were at 16 mpg. Engine rpms 2100 loafing along at 65 mph.
Congratulations! When you feel like it, perhaps you could add details about your Wagon into your Signature (via the User CP at the top right), as well as your MPG on the appropriate thread. I assume you have the 3.7 engine from your post here, so this would be one possible MPG thread:

Not sure which rear end you have.


PS -- Other MPG threads are listed in this sub-forum here:
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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