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Who designed this stereo??

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I have the single CD stereo with sync, 4 inch screen. Seriously, who designed this thing? Whoever it was clearly never tried using it, never tried navigating the menus, and certainly never attached a phone to the system to play music in any of the three possible Sync connections. What a bunch of baloney.

Looking into getting the Alpine stereo with Apple CarPlay and Siri capability.
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Agreed, this will be high on my list of things to replace just as soon as a good alternative appears. It'd be nice if we could just buy the radio prep package separately without having to custom order a whole van!
the voice command is a joke. It can't understand half of what I say. more frustrating than the fact that I have to hit 26 buttons to listen to bt audio, and once I finally get it playing, it has to play in alphabetical order. :mad:
Apparently Ford doesn't give a ****. The parts are unavailable to everyone, including dealers. You must buy your transit with the radio delete or you just have to deal with what you got. Getting pretty unsatisfied with this.
I can confirm aftermarket is our only hope in getting real radios in our transits. My biggest complaint so far. Other than the trailer wiring harness delete. Smh
me personally, I am not happy to "put up" with a crappy stereo. It's 2015, we should have nice stereos in every vehicle.
Man, I hate this radio. Just thought Id reiterate.
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dude im tellin ya.

oh yea, and also the miserable fuel economy. last tank was 9mpg. sweet

oh and don't forget the stellar customer service - "you already bought it right? yea it's your problem now"

Carav 11-491 Double Din Car Radio Stereo Face Facia Fascia Panel Frame DVD Dash Installation Surrounded Trim Kit for Ford Transit Custom, Tourneo Custom 2012+ with 173*98mm
Eagerly awaiting what ya find out! Was thinking about being the alibaba guinea pig myself but ya beat me to it!
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Well that sux. Must be for the rest of the worlds transit
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