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Where to order or buy in northern Ca?

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Any recommendations on which dealer for the best deal and service? I plan on driving to Id (Dave Smith motors) if I choose the Ram. Its a 13hr drive but I could make it a holiday trip. I would drive all day to save a few $K. I had to drive 300 miles to buy a Kia because our dealer are so small they aren't allocated any selection, couldn't locate and secure the model we wanted and won't deal on price because they are the only dealer for 250 miles. Same with all the other dealers here on the north coast of CA. Previous to the Kia I bought a new ford in Georgia because our tow car blew up. We saved on tax and license fees because we only had to report the price paid and not the rebates etc... I'm retired so I can go anywhere anytime.
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If you want any price breaks, you have to BUY what the dealer has already BOUGHT.
Dealers are required to BUY X amounts of vehicles from manufactures to keep there Dealership.
Ford,Dodge,GM etc. the vehicles you see in the LOT are already PAID for
THAT is why they deal,rebait, etc. (to get thier cars OFF thier lot)
The Transit I want will have to be Ordered and don't think I will get any breaks
DO AS other member has told, write down what you want, send it to dealers and somebody who has will sell it to you or SELL it to a dealer who will SELL it to you.
This is how the system works
As I said before: Send an exact description with all the correct order codes to numerous dealers. Let them bid on your sale. Been buying vehicles this way for years. 2/3rds of the dealers will respond. You will find that generally smaller dealers some distance from your location will have the best price. Take the second lowest bid and call and tell them they are close. Ask if they would like to sharpen their pencil. They usually do. They call the original lowest bidder and do the same thing. I normally get two bids within $100 of each other.

Do what he is saying, and somebody will BITE. This is how (with what I said) big DEALERS move stuff
I am going "orton"'s way in the respect that I "hold the Hammer", will get 100% what I want.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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