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What's underneath.....

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......the front passenger seat? If you were to remove the stock front passenger seat (to create more space) what is going to be left potentially in the way?
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Yep the hydraulic jack is under the seat (as opposed to the apparatus located under the seat accessed through the step well.

On models with power seats, it's bolted to the starboard side floor behind the wheel well. When I assumed it had something to do with the rear A/C and that I wouldn't have it on the new order, my salesman politely told me that "that yellow thing" was the hydraulic jack and can be mounted some place else".

However... where ? And, won't there be a hole in the floor mat/floor at that spot in the back? I do need it moved as it's in the 40" of valuable space behind that wheel well! (That hole might be useful now that I think about it, for strapping something else down.)

Since my dog doesn't use the passenger door much, is it feasible to bolt that jack at the front of the step well inside the PS door?????
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