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what's in that box behind rear driver wheel well?

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Really, what's it for? It sticks out farther than the wheel well in the pictures I see, making it hard to put in a piece of plywood/sheetrock when you take the seats out. (Passenger van)
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My 2003 Sprinter wagon has the air on the ceiling, and the blower also hangs down 6" lower than the top of the rear doors. Unlike the 04-06 sprinters with rear air, I don't have a big box on top of the roof, though.

It seems like Ford could have incorporated some ductwork in the headliner and located the blower in a more flush position on the wall. It almost looks like an afterthought! I wonder if anyone has come up with a DIY modification to relocate it?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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