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What would you do? Sell and take a loss or keep it

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Okay. Sorry for the strange title but hopefully it gets some attention. I’m in a bit of a predicament with a transit I bought used 1 year ago as my main vehicle. It is a t250 2016 ecoboost medium roof lwb with a quigley 4x4 conversion and around 134k miles. I love this van and my plan was to build it out as a weekend getaway/beach vehicle for the family. The problem is that I started smelling a burning coolant smell by the drivers side under the hood and the driver wheel well. No puddle on the ground and I tried a coolant dye with no luck. I did post about this problem a few weeks back and members have been great offering advice on where to look for the leak. I now have it at a second mechanic (first guy couldn’t find a leak) and he pressure tested it. He said that he went to start it this morning after yesterday’s pressure test it was misfiring. He thinks it could be a slow coolant leak into a cylinder. It took about 4 months for me to notice my coolant level drop so it is very slow leak. what would you guys do?

1) finish building it out and drive it until it get bad (I should add that I drive my 3 little girls daily in it)
2) trade in for a new vehicle (wife wants to give me hers and get new. I don’t like this option lol)
3) sell it privately (being upfront about the problem)

how much would a repair cost worst case scenario if it is leaking into the cylinder?

thank you,
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I would like someone as good as med tec67 from YouTube but he is no where near NY. That guy really knows his stuff. If anyone knows a true transit mechanic in Long Island NY please share your recommendation
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