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What "Transit" is this 14' delivery van?

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OK, so i'm over at another forum and someone is sharing all his time behind the wheel of a "Step Van". Yea i do like the idea of all that room behind the cab, but most are a bit _ugly_. Anywhooooo...i'm doing some doodling and come across this thing called a "Ford Transit Delivery Truck" available off the lot in Missouri. It looks allot like the UK version of the full sized Transit but the roof line is just a bit different?? This was is listed as a diesel.

Here is the link:
New 2015 Ford 14' Delivery Truck (Parcel Van)
detail for

and here is a picture as an attachment...i took a screen shot.



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OH, and they have a gas 3.7L model for sale also. Same body:

detail for
...I'm guessing it's just a picture posting mistake by dealer staff. If you notice the specifications don't match picture...
I was thinking along the same lines. More like a 148" LB at 12ft. And the idea of it being built at the Turkey plant is interesting. I wonder why they didn't become more popular, or if that is a newly stocked item by that step-van/box-truck dealer.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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