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What rails are needed to add 4th row to 2018 8-seater?

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I have spent a couple hours searching for information about rails and seats that might work in the back row of an 8-seater van. 2018 150 XL VIN:1FMZK1ZM0JKB42556

I have confirmed that the van has curtain airbags all the way to the back. The mounting brackets & nuts for the 4th row seats also seem to be present (see attached photo).

Based on the threads I have read, I realize the 8-seaters are tricky because the 3rd row has a different mounting position than the second row.

Preferred Option 1: I would love to remove the 3rd row bench and replace with a new 3rd and 4th row six-seat configuration shown in the 2018 brochure (see attached). Is that possible? Would love to do a seven-seat configuration (4 seats in the last row) similar to what is shown for the 12 & 15 configurations if that was possible, but notice it isn't shown as an option on the 2018 brochure for the 130" wheelbase (see attached image).

Alternate Option 2: If the rail location for the 3rd row causes a problem, I would be okay leaving that and still adding 2, 3, or 4 seats in just the back row. These seats are back-up seating for us, so when we do need to use them we would just have our kids enter and exit through the back door.

Can anyone provide some thoughts on what types rails & seats I would need? Really appreciate the help.

@CrewVanManInfo I have seen some helpful info from you on similar posts. I know your primary recommendation is to order the van with the seats the way you want them, but unfortunately I already have the van. Any insight you can provide? :-/


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...2) Second, I noticed that the manual included a 12-seater arrangement (see second attached image) that matched what you proposed except utilized the two 31" double seats in place of the one 62" triple seat in the 4th row. Is this arrangement achievable, and would it be as "simple" as adding the one additional bracket (labeled "e" in the image)?
The two 31" seats could go back there, but your van does not have the welded untapped nuts underneath to accommodate the extra rail.
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