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What can I build?

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Hi all,

I'm glad I stumbled across this forum - I am hoping you can help clarify some questions I have because it seems nobody I talked to at the local dealerships have any clue.

This may ramble a bit, but here's the background - my wife is interested in a larger vehicle for our growing family - and last weekend at the Houston auto show while looking at minivans, she happened to see several conversion vans (by Explorer), one of which was the Transit.
Now she has the bug for a 9-seater.
Unfortunately Explorer only makes the 7-seater Transit conversion (they said Ford wont let them make it any larger??), and I am not a big fan of the 15-y.o GMC/Chevy vans - so now I am looking what we can do with an out-of-the-box Transit from Ford.
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Oops, pressed send too soon. So.....the dealerships I have visited have been no help, and I can't find any local passenger vans for her to look at.
She wants a low roof - and 9 seats.

Is the Long wheelbase about the same length as a F150?
The website seems to suggest it is, but I am not sure I am reading it right.
Also - it seems the long wheelbase only has a 15-seat option on the website. Can those seats be reconfigured so I could do a 2-2-2-3 layout?

And finally, MyFordTouch - I've been reading the threads on here about that. I have no need for a CD, but I was surprised to see it was even an option after never seeing it on the website. I am still a bit confused about what is available.

Explorer did do a nice job on the interior of the one we saw - but my wife would want to see one in person to see if there are things like cupholders, power outlets etc. for the passengers.

Would love to hear your thoughts!
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Another question - is dual-sliding doors an option?
Maybe I'll find out when I go visit nadaguides...on my way! - Thanks.
Ugh - leather seats discontinued according to the site. And yes you are right, this is much more useful than

I'm still interested to hear what options may exist for changing the seating layout? Or if anyone else has done custom seating in the passenger wagon kind of like what we saw in the Explorer version.
HoldenTX: After shopping the Ford site and looking/driving the Ford wagon the only way to go was an Explorer Van. This will be our second van from Explorer.


Yeah, we really liked the Explorer version of the Transit that we saw at the show, but like I mentioned earlier they are only doing the Regular Length/ 7-seater version. The Explorer sales guy said Ford wont let them use the longer one, but he didn't know why. Not sure if that is true, but you can see on their website they only have the one length available versus the GMC and Chevy models.
One of the dealerships we visited mentioned this company to help with custom seating arrangements in the Transit.
(Funny because they really knew absolutely nothing else about them).

Looks like a good idea, except the seats don't look so great - like flying on a plane in cattle-class. I'm going to find out if they have any other actual seats.
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