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What can I build?

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Hi all,

I'm glad I stumbled across this forum - I am hoping you can help clarify some questions I have because it seems nobody I talked to at the local dealerships have any clue.

This may ramble a bit, but here's the background - my wife is interested in a larger vehicle for our growing family - and last weekend at the Houston auto show while looking at minivans, she happened to see several conversion vans (by Explorer), one of which was the Transit.
Now she has the bug for a 9-seater.
Unfortunately Explorer only makes the 7-seater Transit conversion (they said Ford wont let them make it any larger??), and I am not a big fan of the 15-y.o GMC/Chevy vans - so now I am looking what we can do with an out-of-the-box Transit from Ford.
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If you want to know what you can order, what options, etc, avoid the ford website and use Ford does not get it. When you have a vehicle configuration website, it should be current and complete. To describe the Ford build and price tool without resorting to profanity, one would need to be on some powerful meds.
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