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Water filter when using foot (versus electric) pump

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If you have a foot pump to your sink, share with me about your water filter system.

I'm pretty clear about the water I drink and have been hauling the drinking and cooking water that I use in my house from a fresh spring for over a decade. I don't drink tap, city, or plastic bottled water. Obviously this makes things not so easy when I need to refill my van water tank. I'll have to deal.

Nothing is set in stone but, as of right now, my plan is to have 18+/-gallon water tank with foot pump. I don't want any more electrical and I also think I'll save more water this way (plus more exercise is good).

How have you set this up? I know there's a filter I can get for at the hose before I fill the tank but what do you do indoors? Does it work well enough with a foot pump? Is there enough pressure built?

TIA for your wisdom and experience. And pics of your set-up would be great, including the ends of the water tank... your set-up for filling the thing.
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I drink Yorkshire water - ask for it by name!!

Along with Yorkshire tea!

At least we do something right!

Pity we Caint have a V6 transit!!!

Cheers James
I drink Yorkshire water - ask for it by name!!
With a name like River Ouse, the water has got to be good.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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