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Warranty and Maintenance Plans

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I pick up my 2017 Van tomorrow.

I've looked over and had the various warranty and maintenance plans priced for me, and at this time plan to go with the 7 year (84 month) 75,000 miles $100.00 deductible, transferable, 5000 mile interval Premium plan(s).

I know that for the first 3 years it's overvalued, but I don't have good success with service people in that the vehicle usually comes out with more wrong than when it went in, and this way they have to fix it anyway!

IF you know of some good reason NOT to go with any of the plans, do tell quickly. No, I am not able to do any of it myself, nor do I have any mechanic locally whom I trust.
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I am wondering if the regular maintenance plan provided by FORD (is that 3 year/100k?) is enough.

I read somewhere on one of the brochures that I can sign up for the 84 month coverage anytime during the first 3 years before that runs out....but that it is dated retroactive to the original contract... either way, you pay for the "free" provided coverage.

Plus the brochure said it was only for the 2015 October contracts. I advised the guy I would need one for 2017 contract.
When we purchased or t350 in Peoria, we had to buy it from the fleet services department. the person told us that we could pick up the same warranty from them instead of the regular ford sales department. do not remember if it was a ford plan or an alternate company. seemed like a better deal so you may want to investigate.
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Personally, I'd never buy an extended warranty right off the bat...why pay for service that you may not need?

The only time I would consider one is if the vehicle gives me fits before the factory warranty runs out, so in that case it would be like buying insurance against a probable troubled future.

I say keep the money in your pocket and don't worry about something that really doesn't exist. You can always buy one later.

I've owned 5 Ford vehicles (bought new, 'cuz that's the way I roll) since the early nineties, and in each case an extended warranty would have been a total waste of money.

My 2 cents...good luck with your choice.
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In my case I wouldn't buy the extended until the third year because I will probable sell it as soon as they offer 4wd or the new Ecoboost with the 10 speed. If neither of those happen and I still love the van I will buy an extended warranty.
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Relevant thread:

If you go with a maintenance or service plan, prob best way is this dealer that sells the ESP’s competitively (for service at any dealer):
Ps: FYI it's not possible to get a Ford plan if your Transit is 4x4.
Extended warranties are the highest margin product in the known universe. That tell you something?
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I appreciate all the input, I really do!

My issues are mainly these:

When I take a vehicle in for a simple oil change etc, they always find something else major wrong, or when I leave I realize something else is wrong. If it's not under regular warranty, I'm stuck.

If I wait to purchase the ext warranty it is retro to the first day I obtained the vehicle anyway, and I may have needed the extra in the meantime?

If something goes wrong without the extended warranty, can I still buy it later or does that negate the offer? (Have to ask them this!)

As for the maintenance plan, I really like having "everything covered" because if something else is really wrong, they fix it...and if it really isn't wrong they still "fix" it ...

Two different plans though: warranty, maintenance.

If it's a lemon, they have to fix it anyway...but in the meantime I have to pay for it, with a deductible,,, the extended has no deductible.,

I love the idea of the Ford Tough! And I have good history with overall vehicles that don't give me trouble if I stay away from the mechanics hahahaha or stay on top of them....

Ok,. I think I'll wait on the extended warranty. Go with the premium maintenance package (even though the first 3 years I'll be in the hole with it, the last 4 might make it worth it.

Then again.... :eek:
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Depends on what they're selling it to you for. I bought my Transit 2 weeks ago...used... it's a 2015 and had 13,800 miles on it. I purchased the premium extended warranty because it covers everything with the exception of brakes, rotors, wipers, tires, and oil changes. Tie rods and ball joints are covered (which are RARELY covered by extended warranties). Pretty sure I'm gonna need those by the time the warranty expires. And I paid $1200 for the warranty. Cheap insurance since I only put ~12K on it a year and plan to have this vehicle for a LONG time.
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Even though the van I ordered isn't the one that came in, and I'm sans van right now...

I did "purchase" (cancelled) the full warranty & maintenance plans.
They were both through FORD since the discounted ones might not offer service centers as accessible throughout the nation as the FORD ones.

Also, the initial pricing for the 84 month warranty was $5029, If someone were to buy it now having been just under the 3 year regular warranty, it would cost them $5600, and revert back to original date so they would only have 4 more years on it.

I need everything covered. Everything, as they often take advantage of me with "new" issues etc. Both of these totally prevent this. Also, it includes trip delay costs of $500 so not only do I receive a rental, I can get back the hotel fees (as this IS my mobile hotel ) hahaha.

I'm ordering another from a different dealer....anticipation!

Below is my post from another Thread. This was purchased new, for a wagon. Believe you can purchase them as long as original warranty is in affect.

Semper Fi

Originally Posted by USMC Vet View Post
Was able to pick up a Ford ESP, 6 year, 60,000 mile, $0.00 deductible warranty along with a 6 year, 75,000 mile or 10 visit , $0.00 deductible Ford maintainence warranty, both for a total of $1,960.00.

Selling dealer's general mgr, met the prices I could find on-line after I explained that his dealership would be doing the work, anyway, why not get some profit rather than none.

I don't drive many miles per year, but unable to do the work myself. In 5 years, I will probably have about 25-30K on the vehicle. Figure the up-front cost will help with resale on the back end. Purchaser will be completly covered for at least a year or more.

Semper Fi
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