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Wanted '16/'17 250/350 HR EL ECO 4 conversion

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Brand new to this forum, but it sure looks great from my beginning research on it. Nicely done folks!

I am in North Carolina, fruitlessly searched for something even close on a lot in the state. Will fly to buy if needed. Want to get this build going ASAP.

Having hard time determining if this configuration is actually built:

9950 or less GVWR

EL (this is really the confusing part for me when I look at the pamphlet specs. It appears that the 263.9 length is only available with the DWR T-350, thus shrinking the area between the wheel wells, which I would rather not do.)

Would like the following options (not certain if aftermarket sourcing is better than OEM things on some, open to both, looking for experienced recommendations to guide my OEM order.)

Back Up Camera
Swivel Leather Motorized Seats
Towing Package Heavy Duty
Lane Assist stuff
Energy system to sustain a remote office/ RV DIY upfitting, to include solar
Superior Road Handling System rock, roll, bumps....

Doubt there is one of these on a lot anywhere exactly the options I want, open to $ persuasion on that, but biggest cargo space and engine NOT diesel are not negotiable. (Started out wanting a Sprinter, 2017, 170" EL but a year old, with affirming posts, claim there is a deal killing flaw in design post 100k on the Emissions Systems)
Windows probably aftermarket choices are better?
Insulation for HVAC
Heater & AC in addition to stock OEM

Thanks in advance to any/all who might consider lending me a hand with this.

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The van that was supposed to be mine but didn't come in as ordered is still at Plantation Ford, FL... 350 eco boost... check it out online
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