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Waiting for VIN number

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I ordered my transit about a month ago and the fleet guy told me that when it went into production they would email me a VIN number so that I can track where it is at in production.
Has anyone who put an order in for a transit actually received a VIN number yet?
Just curious.

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I have a vin # , a build date, and a delivery date. So I just followed the link above to confirm. I also get "no matching vehicle. It asks for a 17 digit vin, and I thought mine looked too short but on the real print out from the dealer it lists the vin# but only 7 digits. Is there some special code that goes before or after those seven? Of the seven three are R3X which is High Roof EL T250 single slider.
I missed the edit window once again, but I want to add that the order number also yields no match.
Just got the 17 number VIN from my dealer. Still no match, even though he has a build date. Site must $uck.
Can you go to your Dealer/sales guy and go thru with him on HIS computer?
If he is giving you the info, tel him you want/like to SEE?
I trust him.....especially since the other guy here with a tall on order has the exact same build week, so I doubt he's faking anything.
He knows that I've been keeping up with Transit info and that I know more than him, we've got a decent relationship going......I think.
I was a stranger to that dealership, but as you can imagine Van Man, from the first second I set foot in there (literally) the whole place remembered me and they all know I'm the Transit guy as well.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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