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In today’s episode, I stopped in Victorville, California to visit the shop of Van Windows Direct, a supplier of a complete line of van window brands including their own line of Van Windows Direct windows. A lot of people buy and install these windows without completely understanding the nuance between the brands and styles. In this episode the owner of Van Windows Direct goes thru the differences and we set up my fan with a set of windows to suit my needs.

About my build series:

I recently organized a tour of North America to pick up all the components to build out my Ford 350HD into a video production and podcasting studio and home on wheels that I plan to drive from Alaska to Argentina, then Africa, Europe to Asia. I am currently over a month into this tour and have put out a lot of videos on the process.

Here is a map of the journey Vanlife Tour - Official JaYoe website.

I met with the owners and crews at all these shops, and learned a lot along the way, and started to build up my system too. Here is a list of the things I have/will cover in my journey:

  • Victron Energy – 48V power system, switches, inverter charger, BMS, Distributor, Shunt etc...
  • Wakespeed – Wakespeed 3000 DC control component
  • Backwoods Adventure Mods – Bumpers, Rack, Ladder, Winch, Pathfinder Lights
  • Wilson Amplifiers – WeBoost Fleet Series Booster
  • Lizard Skin – Sound Deadener / Ceramic Barrier
  • Nations Alternator – 48V alternator
  • Cruise and Comfort – 48V DC Air Conditioner
  • Van Windows Direct - Windows for the van
  • Agile Offroad – Lift kit and Suspension
  • BF Goodrich – K02 tires
  • Method Rims – Series 901 Rims
  • ZAMP Solar – 48V high Powered Solar System
  • Rixens Enterprise – Hydronic Heating System
  • Eberspaecher - Hydronic Furnace
  • Just Roaming – Floor, Victron Install and Support
  • Dometic – Dometic CRX 110S and 9500 Power Patio Case Awning
  • AutoVOX – V5 LCD Rearview Mirror
  • The Swivel Shop – Drivers side and Passenger side Scopema Swivels
  • Bluetti - EB70

I will post a new part of this series every day or so to make sure I don't crowd the forum. I just think some of you might enjoy the process. If you are interested, you can follow along and comment. I hope some of you can learn a bit or see some of the behind the scenes views of the companies a lot of us have bought from in the past.
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