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Very poor handling !

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Took delivery of a new 150 short roof 3.7 on Wednesday and returned it Friday ! There is a real problem with the way the rear end floats around while driving in traffic or changing lanes. To me its like the rear tires have "low air presure" or the tires have way to soft of sidewall. Scary when the wind blows you around from semi trucks and all you do is chase the steering wheel trying to keep it in your lane. What the heck is Ford thinking here ? :mad:
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These things handle great! I'm sure the issue was the incorrect air pressure, especially since the front and rear have different specs. Always check whats listed on the door jamb.
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From what I can tell, garagedoordennis and 48woody both found poor handling in the low roof short wheelbase vans. Wonder if the low roof maybe has a smaller sway bar? My mid-roof has virtually no body roll, I have a lot of confidence in the handling. I do feel some drift if there's even a mild wind, but given the massive surface area on the side, I'd say it handles it very well.
I own the low roof short wheelbase 150 Wagon, and it's handling is amazing. It does not have a rear sway bar.

I believe most people who experienced poor handling on test drives would probably discover the tire pressures were way off. Mine were way out of spec during the test drive, and I had the dealer set the factory pressure before I took delivery.

Mine has little understeer, and is very enjoyable to drive in the mountains. When set to the factory air pressures, it actually felt a little squirrely, so I run mine closer to 47F/60R.
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