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Very poor handling !

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Took delivery of a new 150 short roof 3.7 on Wednesday and returned it Friday ! There is a real problem with the way the rear end floats around while driving in traffic or changing lanes. To me its like the rear tires have "low air presure" or the tires have way to soft of sidewall. Scary when the wind blows you around from semi trucks and all you do is chase the steering wheel trying to keep it in your lane. What the heck is Ford thinking here ? :mad:
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I checked this morning, and my front tires were way over-inflated. Need a better tire gauge >50 PSI to check the rear.

Also I now have about 750 miles on the Wagon, and the driving has gotten even better. Will report MPG after 1,000.
I usually keep a cheap manual gauge to check tire pressures and every so often check with a different pressure gauge just to ensure mine is accurate.

I have a friend that's a mechanic, so I use his gauge :D
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