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Very poor handling !

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Took delivery of a new 150 short roof 3.7 on Wednesday and returned it Friday ! There is a real problem with the way the rear end floats around while driving in traffic or changing lanes. To me its like the rear tires have "low air presure" or the tires have way to soft of sidewall. Scary when the wind blows you around from semi trucks and all you do is chase the steering wheel trying to keep it in your lane. What the heck is Ford thinking here ? :mad:
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I dunno, I found the handling of the med roof, long wheelbase to be a pleasant surprise. Of course, some wind interference is to be expected, but, it's much better than an older hi-top van I had driven. I have not had any tendency to over-correct, or overwork the steering wheel, but, I would not be surprised if the short wheelbase may need a gentle touch on corrections... that would be something you'd get used to. Tires -- did you verify the inflation on them?
yeah I checked them right away 85lbs each. As soon as you make a correction the back end moves around 1 sec later. Very strange feeling. I have the same wheel base GM van with the same 8600gvw and it handles like a sports car compared to this thing. I even have a 68' Chevy 90 cargo van and it drives way better so the wheel base i feel has nothing to do with it. Weight is only going to make it worse so I never even set it up.
Proper pressure is more like 49 psi front, and maybe 60 for low load on the rear (Ford spec is higher, but, that's for loaded). The high PSI would give you less contact patch. Don't know about the rest, as that's not my experience.
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