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VanModular Window Covers for Factory Crew / Passenger Windows

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I know many - including me - have struggled to find window coverings for crew/passenger windows with factory trim intact. Searching on here didn’t yield much, but I happened upon the following during a generic google search:

They make a crew/passenger window covering that requires no magnets, buttons, Velcro, etc. With zero reviews and not much of an online presence, it looked a little too good to be true. I took a leap and ordered galley and door window coverings ($180 a piece, made in the USA), and crossed my fingers. Three days later, I had these:

Gesture Tints and shades Thumb Wrist Human leg

Automotive tire Wood Grey Vehicle door Automotive exterior

Bag Luggage and bags Grey Material property Wood

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive mirror Gesture Automotive design

Automotive design Automotive exterior Vehicle door Vehicle Trunk

They only come black on silver, but appear super well made. The plastic tabs fit between the window and the trim and hold up solidly. There is some material overlap to ensure blackout around the edges.

So far, I’m stoked on these. The mounting method is very smart, and I’m looking forward to putting these to use!
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2020 T150 Passenger Low Roof 130 AWD
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I made mine with the black facing outward and the silver facing inward. Can these be reversed ?
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