Giving up on my Transit order, so going another direction.

I procured the following parts which I will no longer need. Everything is 100% brand new, in original packaging, sitting for a year waiting for my van that's never coming. DONT WAIT FOR LEAD TIMES - GET IT NOW!

  1. Vancompass topo 2.0 AWD lift kit w/ Blue coils and shock extension bracket - $1160 + shipping
  2. Wilderness vans 1300mm Trifold Seat - $3,200.00 + shipping
  3. Second Row T - slider window from Motion windows for MR and HR models. pass side, SKU "TRANSIT-2". $450 + shipping
    • This is not a direct OEM replacement window. I dont see why it couldn't be installed on the drivers side other but you can confirm with Motion Windows on that. I think the only difference is where the "opening" window would land, which may or may not be optimal depending how and where your seats are placed.

All items located in Central NJ. Window and lift kit are easy to ship. Seat may be a little more involved. happy to meet someone for delivery within reason