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Van Compass Lift install

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Hey all,
This weekend I drove out to Van compass in Idaho, picked up all my new suspension components and started a self install

Falcon Adjustable Shocks
Rear Shock Relocation kit
Rear Shackle Lift
2" Lift Kit
Diff Skid plate
Sumo Bump Stops

Thankfully I had access to a lift at my uncles place and my uncle who has owned an auto shop for the past 30 years and my cousin who works on heigh performance race cars and mechanic for hire on track days.

The rear is where the bulk of the new parts (Shocks, Shock relocation brackets, Shackle lift, Diff skid and sumos) are installed and was also fairly straight forward, I had it done in less than a couple hours.

The front is a very different story, first because of the location of the top of the struts which are buried behind the dash. Thankfully you can access the bolts by moving some carpet on the drives side and removing the glove box on the passenger side. But I hit a dead end here because we did not have access to a Coil Spring Compressor (My uncles place is way out in eastern Washington and both his shop and cousins shop are in the Seattle area). Thankfully I realized this before I unbolted everything. Long story short is I was able to complete the rear but had to hold on the front. So my van is currently half lifted. I made an appointment on Wednesday with a shop to handle the strut spring compression for me.


My Half lifted Van :(

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Just paid a shop $1200 bucks to install the VC Red springs and strut spacer, rear shock relocation brackets (dumasses did not cut off the bracket) and the five leaf lift spring. I installed the factory rear sway bar afterwards, i have driven it around a bit and it rides out nice. will get falcon shocks after we weigh the finished out build.

Front shuts kicked their butt, again to tall for lift, at a 4x4 shop!!
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