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Van Bed Step Ideas

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I did a quick search and didn't see any posts about steps to get up to a bed over the garage so I'm hoping to start a thread for future reference. The bed is 40" above the floor and I need a little help jumping up that high anymore. I've been scratching my head to come up with something for awhile and stumbled across a video by George at Humble Road. Thanks George, I'm stealing your idea!
Humble Road Step

Here's how mine turned out:

The piano hinge is in plain sight as I couldn't bring myself to screw into the end grain of the plywood step. So this is version 0.9, I might revise it to hide the hinge someday.
Anybody else got a nifty folding bed step idea?
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Slick design!
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Searching along those terms led me to this: STEP 180 NOOK - Hideaway Solutions

Definitely adding this to my list of things to spend a bunch of time building when I could just buy the one that already exists. :LOL:

Product Table Wood Chair Font
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