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Used Inventory and Prices improving...

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I've been watching the used market pretty closely and its been rather dry...but it looks like that's starting to change. At least in Florida, I'm now seeing large groups of off-lease Transits hitting dealer lots...Enterprise just dumped a bunch of 15-18month old 250's with avg 15k to 22k miles. Wonder why they do this.

But if looking for a low roof wagon, there's lots of available options...250 and 350. If looking for 250 High, enough that they aren't disappearing the minute advertised.

250 high/long...still a rare bird, shoot fast.

350 high/long...more elusive that the Great White Whale himself, despite slightly more sightings than Sasquatch.

Its nice to see prices for all but 350 H/L are settling into a predictable and easy-to-compare range of $20k to $30k. Hopefully the available inventory continues to grow...I hope to be ready in by summer :)
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We just picked one up here in Orlando last week, a 12 passenger wagon. It seems there was a flood of them in December at the auctions and some dealers grabbed up a bunch. When I first had a friend check the auction listings, there were quite a few in the southeast and a few weeks later the supply had dried up for now, so we went ahead and paid the extra at a dealer (Mullinax Kissimmee) because I did not want to wait any more and it was a little nicer than most.

We paid just over 50% of original sticker 12 months after it was built and it looks like new. I had to give up on some of the equipment I would have ordered, but I can do a lot of upgrading for the price difference.
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You got one of those fleet released Transit Wagons that went through the auction in the last few weeks. Yours came out of Texas
Yes, It was interesting that it came from Texas and was auctioned in North Carolina. There were a lot I looked at that were from right here in Orlando that were auctioned in Texas or North Carolina, then brought back here to Orlando.

They surely move all over the country!

The one I rented here last year had NY plates.
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