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Upgrade audio installing 4.2 inch mytouch screen

Hello everyone.
I have a Transit Wagon T150 10pass.
I like the van a lot, but the radio controls for my AM/FM Stereo with Single-CD, HD and SiriusXM with multi-function very tiny display is a joke. I want to see if anybody have tried, or know if it is possible to upgrade the setup to Ford Mytouch. I actually do not need a navigation.
The reason for that is that I also own 2015 Escape SE with Mytouch - no navi with 4.2 inch display, and I love it.
So the idea came to me to set the monitor from Escape/TransitConnect/Focus/Fiesta to the van, but not sure if it would fit. I would have left a CD, and tried to fit 4.2 monitor, installing a new face plastic (from the console with navi).
Is the 4.2 monitor is the same from Escape/TransitConnect/Focus/Fiesta as it on Transit Vans, or they are different? Seems like they look alike.
Thank you.
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