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Upgrade 2015 Transit w/ 4" LCD screen to full Sync 3 System

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Hey Everyone,

I am excited to be picking up my first Ford Transit tomorrow. It is pre-owned but in great condition with less than 7000 miles. The only thing was that it did not have the navigation system that I was hoping to find.

I was originally going to get a different Transit 2 days ago which I had a deposit on, a base model with the base stereo so I had already ordered Metra Double DIN dash kit. When I actually went to go pick it up they had this other Transit for just a little more money, but much better value. Hence the Metra Double DIN dash kit I bought won't fit in this Transit I'm picking up tomorrow.

I really want a system that has Android Auto and I would prefer to keep the van as OEM as possible. Does anyone know if anyone sells the Sync 3 system? Any other recommendations?

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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