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Undermount passenger grey tank with factory running board

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I'm doing a camper conversion on a Ford Transit 2023 extended....

I already have a grey tank on driver side for the shower.... I would like to mount another tank for the sink.

I saw one tank 10 gallons but the seller doesn't know if it fits with the factory running board.
I saw another one with 16 gallons, seller is saying doesn't fit with factory running board but I read that somebody was able to fit.

Can somebody share there experience with mounting grey tank under passenger side with factory running board ?

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You can get Pelland to make you a tank to your specs, cheaper than the NW conversions tank, but I'm not sure if it can be a shape other than a rectangle, if that's important to you.
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I was able to fit this 5 gal tank between the running board brackets.

I tried this tank and it was close to fitting but it didn't fit.

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I installed this motorized ball valve on the gray water tank. I have a switch on the B-pillar near the drivers seat to make it easy to dump the water. The valve works very well.

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Reminded me that I had bookmarked @gregoryx ’s post listing a whole bunch of tank options - might help in your search:
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