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Hi all,
Here are some pictures to help in understanding.

I have a Curt class 2 hitch on the back and I have a tray on that to carry a small generator and a box with my knife and lawn and garden sharpening equipment.

Two tire places have now managed to break one of the bolts that hold the hitch to the frame and while I was able to find someone that got the broken piece out the first time, so far, they have not been able to get the second piece out.

It is the right rear bolt.

While considering alternative ways to support the hitch I remembered that when I tried to follow the directions for installing my trailer light harness so I could have lights on the back of the tray, I discovered that there is a "tie down" loop welded to the body frame directly below the tail lights on both sides.

I am wondering if anyone has any information on what the weight rating of those loops is.

Thinking of putting chain from side to side under the hitch to provide the support I don't have because of the broken bolt.

Also looking at using the tow recovery fixture that is on the right side almost directly above the hitch cross member.

Probably use both.

Any thoughts or other suggestions??

Just a note. To reduce the strain on the hitch and "chains/cables" if I use them, I am going to modify this so the load is normally right up against the back doors but will be on trolley rails so I can roll it out if I absolutely must get the back doors open.
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