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Is there a way to turn off the factory DSP (Digital Signal Processor) in the factory head unit? The DSP trims frequency output for the cheap factory speakers so they don't get too muddy as volume increases.

I just installed a Kicker Key 200.4 Amp (behind glove box) and Kicker 8" Hideaway sub under the passenger seat. This was all connected to the factory wiring via a ($200) harness purchased at PLUGNPLAYKITS. The only wiring I had to do was power the sub direct to the battery and connect the sub to the factory ground between the seats (very easy). Signal provided to the sub is from 4 high output speaker wire leads +-Left/+- Right from the plug and play harness. Front/Back Morel door speakers and A pillow tweeters.

I'm at the point where I'm tuning the system and would like to work off the best signal from the head unit.

It sounds pretty good as is, but I feel like i'm starving the sub of some low frequency signal.

At about $1K, this is a nice upgrade it you are not interested in splicing and running wires.

Note: The Harness that works on my 2021 adventure prep is the 11-4 Kit for the 2020 And UP BRONCO / BRONCO SPORT NON Amplified Radio Plug 'n Play Audio Harnesses: Kits (see attached image). This harness provides all connection to the Kicker Key 200.4 amp and 17 feet long high output leads for the sub. There was enough harness wire play to locate the amp behind the glove box so amp settings could be accessed for tuning.

Just need to dial the last bit. -Thanks


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