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Transmission woes and poor service continue

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In case anybody is interested- my t250 3.7 has had trasmission issues since I got it, specifically a slipping or hesitation when getting back on the gas from a rolling stop. Then I bangs into first gear with great violence and noise. As I reported, multiple ford dealers called this normal, saying that 'they all do it' and there's no remedy. Then at 35000 miles my tourque converter started shuddering at highway speeds. Ford told the dealer to put a valve body in it, which of course was on back order. A new trans was available for ford refused to put one in, even with multiple trans complaints on this van. The service manager admitted to me he wasn't even sure the valve body would solve the issue. So they made me wait 2 weeks for a valve body and of course it didn't fix it. A few more days wait for a tourque converter, Ford still wouldn't spring for the trans. Bottom line, 3 weeks in the shop and $4500 of lost revenue later I get it back. Seems to shift ok but now my front end is clunking when I go around turns. Dealer says they probably did something wrong when putting it together, needs it back in the shop now. This is great stuff
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Does not sound like fair treatment.

Hopefully you got the extended warranty.

Is it an effective and legal strategy to change your legal residence to an aggressive lemon law state?

Was your Transit one of the first made?
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