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Transit Wagon - side curtain airbag recall?

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I missed out on a Transit Wagon 150 XLT this weekend. :(. I was going to drive 150 miles to a dealer that I'd found my (so I thought) perfect family wagon. 10 passenger.

Question...can a dealer sell a Transit 150 that has not had the side curtain airbag recall completed? The VIN I missed out on is: 1FMZK1YM5GKA74166

I have since found another Transit XLT 150 - 10 passenger, that my local dealer is doing a dealer swap for, but it also, per the Ford website, needs the side curtain recall completed.

Just wondering if anyone knows if my purchase will be delayed by the recall not being completed and if "parts availability" mentioned here in prior posts for the recall has been cleared up.

Thank you!
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That depends. There's a stop-sale order that's been issued from Ford over the recall, but that only applies to new vans. So it's against the law if it's new, but perfectly legal if it's used.

This recall delayed the purchase of my used van two weeks until the dealer realized they could sell it to me. It was a Ford dealer, and I think they were confused about the issue. My recall was performed last week, they just needed a few clips to reinstall the headliner after they verify side airbag positioning.
Hi Scott,
I bought my new 350 XLT wagon last Friday afternoon. Paid for it and got the keys, then the fleet Manager says I can't take it with me. I sort of went off on the guy. I only needed the seatbelt fix so they took it right in and ran to a couple of other dealers for parts.
It's a Federal law, it's not the guy's fault that he couldn't deliver it to you.

Federal law requires dealers to complete this recall service before a new vehicle is delivered to the buyer or lessee. Violation of this requirement by a dealer could result in a civil penalty of up to $7,000 per vehicle. Correct all vehicles in your new vehicle inventory prior to delivery
Attached is the stop-sale order from the NHTSA website.


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