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Transit vs Sprinter

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I have been reading and looking into the new Ford Transit for a long time. I really appreciate this forum because of all the information I have learned.
When the actual real life Transit came out, I was disappointed in the looks. From the side it looks like a "Pug Nosed" something.

My wife likes the looks of the Sprinter. I would rather have a Ford (we have a 2002 E350 extended window van right now).

I know there are some Sprinter owners in this Forum... why should I not buy a new Sprinter (Dodge?? van with Mercedes Trim??)??
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well here's my Take. I have a 04 2500 model, with 580,000 miles on her:eek:. Ist off most of you are correct about the down side of the Sprinter. I too an getting a T-250 low roof ext. with the Eco boost

The Sprinter has one big advantage over the Transit, that's fuel economy:), I have gotten 25 MPG about a dozen times and hit 26 MPG twice:eek:,
also the best years where 04-06 (don'nt have the time to explain), also the have the highest resale valvue of any commercial van, If you doubt this just check on E-bay, guys are are getting over $20,000 for 5 year old vans with excess of 200,000 miles, went down to the salvage yard they offered me $1,500. I can get $2,500 in a heart beat, Also no transit IMOP will ever hit 1/2 a million miles with the original powertrain

So why am I getting a Ford Transit, for the reasons mentioned

few dealerships
qualified diesel machinic
expensive parts
parts availability (waited four days for a shifter ($700.00):(
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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