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Transit Turning off While driving. Plz help!

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Hey guys was hoping you could help with a 2012 Transit we got a few months back. Problem started a few weeks after owning it. Transit Will turn off while in route (motor still running) we would loose radio a/c and gauge cluster. It would only turn off for a brief moment. This would happen ~10 times on a 20 min trip. Extremely annoying, because you would have to turn the a/c back on and what not.
I diagnosed the car with a scanner no codes pending or in history. Checked battery it came out good. Checked alternator and it was showing charging volts.
Went ahead and replaced battery any ways and when we did this car would work fine for 2-3 days and then the problem would occur again. Not sure where else to go from here ive done some research and found the single alternator wire has been known to be bad on these cars US and UK. Have not tore it out of the loom yet to see if that problem exists. However the car only has 60k miles would like to get this fixed it is a delivery van for a business and we need it A+.
Thanks guys!
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i will try a new relay tomorrow. ive swapped it out with another relay before and it seems to still do it. Anything else?

Unfortunately you have ended up in the wrong Forum. As stated by others, the full size Transit didn't come to the U.S. until 2015, hence the web sight header, Ford Transit USA Forum. I'm including a link to the Transit Connect forum in hopes that you can get some help. They are 2 completely different vehicles except for Ford naming them the same, and the owners of this sight, including a link.

Good luck with your problem.

If you would be so kind, go to the Threads you also posted this info, hit edit, and delete them.

Semper Fi
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