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Hi All,
Currently in the midst of a conversion on our 2015 T-150 Wagon.
As you may know, most Transit Wagon's have rear pax air conditioning. The evaporator/blower takes up room that could be used other items. But, it's here to stay in our vehicle.
The interior has been gutted just like a Cargo version. The CampervanMan (Ed) from Matt Ford told me that Ford makes a diverter that goes on top of the rear AC blower duct which is used in Cargo transits with rear AC. I've checked with my local Ford dealer, they could not find anything like it on the parts computer.
Since all my AC ducting has been removed as well as the plastic molding, I decided to fashion my own using the register vents contained in the Head Liner. The opening from the duct is approximately 24 square inches of open space. Two air vent registers measure about 21 square inches, (close)

I took the next section of ducting that takes the airflow to the ceiling vents and cut off the bottom piece that fits over the blower. I marked where the new vents will go with a Sharpie, and cut the openings to match those in the headliner. I then removed the vents in the headliner and installed them in the duct tube in the same fashion by bending the tabs to hold them in place.
After that, I cut a piece of 1x4 pine to match the top opening and stapled it in place. To seal it, I used GE Silicon II around the inside, and on the outside around the edge there. NOTE: The wood plug is recessed about 1/4 to leave a lip which gives the Silicon II something to bond to.
I used the same (2) fasteners on the rear to attach it to the side. Where it mates at the opening from the blower, I used light foam tape as a gasket. After it was secured in place, I used Gorilla Tape around the flange to make a solid air tight seal. I wanted to keep the protective OEM trim piece to go around the blower, so I cut it down and made an opening for the lower register vent. It's temporarily in place in the pics, you'll get the idea. This new piece is recessed nicely into the side wall of the van out of the way, and I will still have air flow control of the rear AC. I realize it doesn't look great, but it will be under the bed frame in a area used for storage. Not a problem.

I had to do all this stuff before going on to the new floor install.

The next thing that will happen is the OEM floor is coming out, and Plywood will go in for a foundation to mount Laminate flooring. I plan to use Noico sound reducing mats in the floor before the wood is bolted in place both for thermal control as well as sound.

So, anyone with a Wagon who wants to do away with all the plastic trim, headliners, and false floor in your transit build, this is the way to go. I virtually have a Cargo van with windows.
Check out the "Whizzbang Conversion" thread here to see the solar and kayak bars I've installed. Will have a new set of pics for that coming soon.


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This is great! I’ll be doing something similar, but for a different reason. My wagon came read ready but doesn’t have the rear ac assembly or headliner vents. To keep the van cool in the summer, I’ll be adding the rear ac assembly and diverting the air from there to blow forward toward the second row of seats.

Thanks again for the ideas and walkthrough!
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