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2020 T150 Passenger Low Roof 130 AWD
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LR and off road. Nice combo.
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2017 SWB MR Wagon with Quadvan 4x4
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Nearly missed this thread. Inspiring. A few of my off-road spots...

Ophir Pass, CO (told by a Jeep driver I couldn't do it ;-))
Tire Wheel Cloud Vehicle Sky

Alstrom Pt, Lake Powell...
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Sky Vehicle

Up in the Sawtooth Mtns, ID (ATV driver recommended not to go up here!)
Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Plant

Hollister OHV park (not quite stuck, but darn close)...
Wheel Tire Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Sky

Big Bend NP (ranger recommended not going down there in a van)...
Cloud Land vehicle Sky Vehicle Tire

Castle Valley near Moab...
Sky Cloud Plant community Plant Mountain

As you can see I delight in going places people say you can't take vans. But the Quadvan is pretty capable.
I tend to post more to @davecattell on Instagram if anyone is interested.

21 - 34 of 34 Posts