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Nice! I don't have any pics of the van going through, but I've done this many times with my VC lifted van and 265/75/16 AT's:
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I can't begin to tell you how many people get stuck here, even in 4x4 lifted trucks. More about it in this write-up. There are huge buried rocks (lots of oil pain drain-outs). I've busted a CV boot going through this even with the lift and big tires. It's just a difficult stretch to do repeatedly. I think I've driven through it 20-30 times, but the last time got the CV boot which made a huge mess under the van by the time I noticed it.

I tried upgrading to silicone, but was about to post in the thread I made about that issue that the new fancy expensive silicone boot has already ruptured. This time deep sand and high center-berm roads out in Texas heading to the beach (you can drive on Texas beaches). It appears the passenger side CV boot is just too exposed and is vulnerable. About $500 to just replace the front axle half-shaft according to my local dealer when I called today. They said they'd try to look at it and see if they can do it under warranty, but last time they told me the lift and large tires will invalidate future claims (thankfully the did a full rack and pinion warranty replacement that finally got rid of that dang wheel shake I had from the factory; it ultimately led to a total loss of power steering and some faults around year 1.5; no similar issues whatsoever since that time).

The vans are very much capable, but they are also very much going to break if you drive them as often as I do through rough places. I figure that's just part of life, since I'm going down those roads no matter what. Just something to be aware of.

On my Quadvan the front CV's are not hard to swap out, I have done it a couple of times now. Not sure on the AWD but at 80k miles I am way out of warranty and while I don't ENJOY working on my rig (would rather play) I do find most of the work isn't too hard in a driveway.
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