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Transit Dually Axle Question..

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Currently have a 2013 3500 sprinter van, and am potentially looking at a diesel Transit dually for the next project.

I can't seem to find the spec on the Transit duallys axle config.

Is it semi floating or full floating?

Sorry if this has been posted already I looked around and couldn't find anything.


Uncle Dave
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Ok! My ignorance is about to show!! Huh??? Can someone tell me in plain English what the difference is? Why it is or isn't important? And has it been determined that the T350 HD DRW does or does not have a floating rear end?

Yes, I have googled this. I feel like Christmas (on the Simpsons); everything I read is blah blah blah, axle. ;-)

Thanks Whitedog, SuprMover and Damaskinos_of_Athens.

With the picture & links provided, my hubby was able to translate for me! I know understand.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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