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Transit Dually Axle Question..

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Currently have a 2013 3500 sprinter van, and am potentially looking at a diesel Transit dually for the next project.

I can't seem to find the spec on the Transit duallys axle config.

Is it semi floating or full floating?

Sorry if this has been posted already I looked around and couldn't find anything.


Uncle Dave
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Full floater.

Check this link.
Chance, if you take the axle shaft out of the housing on a full floater, you can still roll the truck. That is what you have here. It does not have to be splined on both ends. In fact I have never seen that on a truck, only on heavy equipment. The bearings all mount in a hub and the tires mount to the hub and the axle flange turns the hub.

Full floating axle.
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I guess I couple pull that axle flange and when the van doesn't drop on the ground, that would prove it, but I'm not going to pull anything apart on our new van.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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