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I was not planning on this work but with the COVID in my County I have to do this myself.

I bought the FORD performance part diffy cover, which is a Spicer Diffy Cover.

it came with a gasket but gasket was pretty beat up as there was NO packing material in the box that used to ship the HEAVY cover and gasket.

Here is a pic:

1. Do I use the gasket that came with it? is yes, any additional gasket material or sealant application needed on top of the gasket?
2. Torque, how much do I torque the bolts?
3. Fill Capacity - what is the capacity with the new cover? factory spec is around 2.6 qts with OEM cover, wonder how much more I have to fill with this cover?
4. The cover came with new bolts, do I use these? or Do I use the old ones? asking as the top bolts have an extra pillar for the wheel sensor wires(??)
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