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Transit diesel low rpm shudder, engine light on

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Hi folks,

I noticed my diesel transit shuddering at low RPMs on 8/31/2015 after a 3 hour freeway drive towing a 2500lb trailer, mostly around 55, sometimes slower in traffic. I have 2500 miles on the van.

I reached my destination, slowed to a stop, and for the first time felt the engine shuddering at around 750 to 800 rpms.

I fueled up on shell's #2 before the drive, so still had plenty of fuel.

The little spring doors on the fuel system were sealed tight today, so I assume they've been tightly sealed the last few days.

Yesterday, 9/1/2015, the issue hadn't gone away, and it was doing it when warmed up. Around noon, I was at a stop sign and the engine check light went on.

I ran a vehicle health report last night and that didn't bring up any new info - just that I have an engine check light on, and that either the engine or transmission have an issue.

I need to drive about 1000 miles in the next few days and I'm not sure if I need to get this worked on first. It comes at a very bad time in that regard (in the middle of moving).

I would love to know if I'd be causing any harm by continuing to drive to complete this move-in in Northern California. If this is a known issue and pretty harmless that'd be good to know because i coukd just follow up on it next week. Otherwise the delay in getting it checked out at Ford is going to cost me some time/dollars, but better that than damaging the vehicle in the case of an unknown issue.

Thanks for your combined wisdom.

- B
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That was happening to my '15 diesel. It idled rough then went into limp (reduced engine power) mode. Towed it to the dealer and the EGR cooler and turbo actuator had failed. I don't have the codes in front of me, but the symptoms are the same.
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