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:eek: Ouch, what a letdown for the new aluminum F series lovers. In Motor Trend's new truck of the year competition, the Transit came in ahead of the new much hyped aluminum F series.
GM's new Colorado took the trophy with a very unusual unanimous vote, the Transit was second in the voting.
They even thought the year old Ram EcoDiesel model pickup that won last year was ahead of the new F series.

Personally I've always thought the Ford hype machine was overstepping the aluminum factor in their truck. It's still only 2 to 300 lbs lighter than the GM full size pickups in steel.

This coming in second for the Transit should help get the word out on it for anyone that reads the MT article

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Motortrend since the late 60's, has voted "car of the year" to who ever pays the most in advertising.
Been a "car guy" from since I was little, there pick is always a POS!
Use common sense, a pick up and a van are two different types of vehicles
Motortrend opinion means nothing
Alot of the new F150 is hidden, the manufacturing, tooling, building of aluninum vehicles,design to crash,etc. "you can stand in the way of progress"
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